TaeKwonDo after Nationals 2011

TaeKwonDo after Nationals has left me with a unsatisfied hunger to succeed. Make no mistake Nationals was a huge mission accomplished with Michaela taking her second National championship in two years closing out her redbelt career with back to back National and Junior Olympic championships. Andi got battered in her fight. She got the buy which should have been good but was not as she had to face a very tough player being nine and having to fight up with the 10- 11 year olds. I am sure the girl out weighed Andi by 10lbs. However battered and bruised she stuck it out til the end with a desire to train and compete harder. As for me the gentleman I was supposed to fight at yellow belt from Alaska never showed up. Thank God for a green belt from California that had not one to fight as well. Since neither of us had an opponent we both were gold so the fight was strictly for bragging rights. He did not want to loose to a lower belt and I did not come to California to loose. So the scene was set and ended up winning in the final 10 seconds of the match after being down 1-0 the whole fight. I forced him off the mat twice which awarded me one point then with him thinking I would be satisfied with sudden death after a 1-1 tie I kept trying head shots and with 3 seconds left in the fight I landed with my left leg giving me the win. Felt great to overcome some adversity and give glory to the Lord cause lets not forget that is where all talent comes from. Like I was saying you would think all this winning would satisfy the competitive nature in me but it has only made me more hungry. It makes me more hungry to train, to achieve, and to win.